Kendra Jamisson, Your Experienced Older Woman.


Love New Lingerie

It’s just so exciting to get some new lingerie.  Shopping online I usually get 3 or 4 sets at once, so it’s just like Christmas when that parcel arrives!

Sexy in a Man’s Shirt

Guess who looks sexiest in the man’s shirt – you guessed it, the lady!

I have a lovely new man’s shirt with lingerie underneath that I’d very much enjoy to wear for you.

Feeling Frisky

Some days take a while to get started and if I’m feeling frisky a little photoshoot is just the ticket to get the juices flowing!

Silky, Lacy Lingerie

Now here’s a very favourite lingerie set – wonderfully rich colour, gorgeous silky fabric and very refined lace.  Such a treat and I love wearing it …

Red or White?

No it’s not wine I’m offering you – just asking your preference  in lingerie colour.  Here’s couple of cheeky options in the gallery below and I’m asking you – “which do you prefer – red or white?”

Cracking the Whip

Here’s Kendra enjoying cracking the whip in a wet-look catsuit.   A bit of dominatrix action is always fun.

Especially if you’re a boss and have to command people all day long, it can be quite a relaxing activity to have the lady boss you round and insist on giving her sexual favours …

New Coral Teddy

I just got a new shipment of lingerie and L-O-V-E this cute scalloped fluoro coral teddy.  Here’s a few pics for you to enjoy it too ..