Kendra Jamisson, Your Experienced Older Woman.


What’s Under the Fur Coat?

It’s always a tease to wonder what’s under a fur coat, so it’s nice to use it in the bedroom to raise the temperature.

Fur has such a tactile appeal and looks so glamorous so it’s a great start.

If you team it with lingerie and stockings, you immediately appeal to 90% of the male population!  So why wouldn’t you want to wear it ladies?

Which Shorts are Best?

Summer is shorts time.  Which shorts are best, the demure kind or short shorts?  Honestly, I think I prefer the short shorts!

Naughty Mesh Teddy

Now here’s a very naughty new mesh teddy.  I think this one has just the right bits missing.

Also it’s very comfortable to wear – which is not always the case with sexy outfits ..

Full marks to the makers of this one!

Cheeky Set

Here’s a sweet lingerie set that makes me feel decidedly cheeky.  Hope you enjoy it!

Love New Lingerie

It’s just so exciting to get some new lingerie.  Shopping online I usually get 3 or 4 sets at once, so it’s just like Christmas when that parcel arrives!

Sexy in a Man’s Shirt

Guess who looks sexiest in the man’s shirt – you guessed it, the lady!

I have a lovely new man’s shirt with lingerie underneath that I’d very much enjoy to wear for you.

Feeling Frisky

Some days take a while to get started and if I’m feeling frisky a little photoshoot is just the ticket to get the juices flowing!