Kendra Jamisson, Your Experienced Older Woman.

Photos of the Month

Close Up Nude

Kendra is nude in her bedroom from the intimate view of an overhead camera.  That’s the same view you get when you come visit.  Always wonderful to see you ….

French Maid (Well Almost!)

Kendra’s in a tiny French Maid costume, but it still evokes the theme ….

Totally Nude

Well here’s a post for those who like totally nude.  Personally I prefer the tease of some scanty clothing, but then, everyone’s different!

A Touch of Glamour

Sometimes it’s good to escape from humdrum life with a touch of glamour. Kendra thinks it’s a very good idea!

Champagne and Corsets


Cleanin’ Windows

Sometimes ya just got to give the voyeurs an eyeful when you’re cleanin’ windows …