Kendra Jamisson, Your Experienced Older Woman.


Sunning on the Balcony

Isn’t it fabulous to sun yourself on a private balcony, taking everything off (except high heels of course!) and soaking up the sun ‘s wonderfully warm rays?

Naughty Fun

How long is it since you last had some naughty fun?  The weeks and months can slip by without you taking care of yourself then, something happens, some stressful or difficult situation and you think .. Kendra!  Now’s the time for some stress relief.  So many of my clients tell me this kind of story.

Why wait – it’s me time now!!

Champagne and Corsets

Kendra’s in the mood for some champagne and naughtiness.

It’s a perfect day for a figure-hugging corset, black fishnets and the tiniest of g-strings.

Top it all off with a glass of the best bubbles and you’ve set the scene for some rollicking fun.  Preparation is so worth it because it always pays off in steamy dividends.

See Kendra’s new photos in Photos of the Month now.

New Pics

Thought you might like this new outfit.

It put me in quite a sexy mood … Clothes can do that.  Seemed like a good opportunity to put some fresh pics up.  I know how much you all like new pics.

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Loe to see YOU soon …..

Studious Kendra

Well you can’t blame a girl for getting distracted.  15 mins later I felt so renewed and refreshed.  You can’t beat pleasure for making you feel relaxed!!

So looking forward to meeting some new playmates.

A little role play never goes amiss if you need a little spice in your sex life and I’m expert at so many roles: teacher, nurse, sexy secretary, dominating boss ………..


Attention All Businessmen

Did you know that if you’ve had sex before a board meeting you feel more relaxed, confident and perform better ?  Pressurised meetings need a clear head not tension down below.  Isn’t that the best reason to come see me for a quick half hour before an important meeting to de-stress?

It could be the difference between getting the result you want or not ….

Kendra, your  sexy mature escort in Sydney is waiting to welcome you.

Isn’t it Time You Treated Yourself?

To two lovely ladies at once?  Sure you’ve been thinking about it .. but it’s time to bite the bullet?

So make it your Easter Treat.  Better than chocolate and totally non-fattening ..

Come play with Kendra and Giselle for half hour $500 or an hour $700 of deliciously naughty fun and pampering.

Happy Easter to All!

Kendra’s Nude Beach Adventure

Had a wonderful morning at a nude beach, sun, sand and lots of sausages!

Yes a swim, a cold beer and a stroll along the beach observing the talent was a wonderful way to spend a Sunday morning, but once the afternoon sun hit, that was me off home.

Here’s a pic for my loyal website followers.  Love to see you soon ..

Almost Pussy

Sometimes it’s more titillating to almost see what you’d really like to see.  So today I’m presenting my series of “almost pussy” shots – an achingly erotic “almost” glimpse of the divine pussy in Photos of the Month.

Be good now …

Flat out this weekend but still had time to shoot a video with BFF G!  We have fun discussing the mature woman’s view on dating.

You can catch us as a double act for some extra spice in life …