Kendra Jamisson, Your Experienced Older Woman.


Cuddle Up in Winter

Winter is in the air here in Sydney!

Isn’t it time to cuddle up to a lovely lady and enjoy a girlfriend experience?

There’s nothing more relaxing to the business or work-stressed gentleman than the touch of a pretty woman and the satisfaction of good sex.

You know it’s true.

Kendra is waiting to warm up your winter ….


New Lingerie

It’s just wonderful to get new lingerie.  It gives you renewed feelings of sexiness.  In fact I truly believe every woman should get new lingerie every day, or at least every week, from her main man and her boos.

Yes the world would run much more smoothly if that was the rule and everyone would be a lot happier.

Let Kendra make YOU happy this week, naughty boy …

Sun Kissed Body

Kendra enjoys the sun on her balcony in between appointments.

It’s so important to keep fit, toned and tanned to give maximum fun and pleasure to visitors in her comfortable and stylish apartment which is so conveniently located right next to the station in St Leonards.

You can be sure of privacy and discretion in this location and can enjoy your delectable time with Kendra in relaxed, tasteful surroundings.  Time spent with Kendra always sets the right tone to your day  ….






Yes Kendra’s back from a wonderful month in tropical islands with lots of sun, sand, relaxation and drinking!

She’s relaxed and keen to have some fun with Sydneysiders ..

Come and be one of the first to enjoy a very energetic approach to the job since she’s pretty much been a “good girl” for a whole month.

Kendra looks forward to welcoming YOU real soon …

Kendra’s On Holiday Till 7 January 2019

Yes I’m overseas for a month, recharging my batteries in new and different locations! Sorry I can’t answer texts or calls because I don’t have roaming.

Seasons greetings to all my clients, past, present and future.  I look forward to meeting you all in 2019.

I’ll be back on board delivering my special brand of pleasure from Monday 7 January next year.

If you miss me too much then you can watch me on video at mercuryanddiamond.com in The Shop or onlyfans.com/mercuryndiamond

Stay safe and have a wonderful holiday too!


Sunning on the Balcony

Isn’t it fabulous to sun yourself on a private balcony, taking everything off (except high heels of course!) and soaking up the sun ‘s wonderfully warm rays?

Naughty Fun

How long is it since you last had some naughty fun?  The weeks and months can slip by without you taking care of yourself then, something happens, some stressful or difficult situation and you think .. Kendra!  Now’s the time for some stress relief.  So many of my clients tell me this kind of story.

Why wait – it’s me time now!!

Champagne and Corsets

Kendra’s in the mood for some champagne and naughtiness.

It’s a perfect day for a figure-hugging corset, black fishnets and the tiniest of g-strings.

Top it all off with a glass of the best bubbles and you’ve set the scene for some rollicking fun.  Preparation is so worth it because it always pays off in steamy dividends.

See Kendra’s new photos in Photos of the Month now.

New Pics

Thought you might like this new outfit.

It put me in quite a sexy mood … Clothes can do that.  Seemed like a good opportunity to put some fresh pics up.  I know how much you all like new pics.

Go to Pictures of the Month

Loe to see YOU soon …..

Studious Kendra

Well you can’t blame a girl for getting distracted.  15 mins later I felt so renewed and refreshed.  You can’t beat pleasure for making you feel relaxed!!

So looking forward to meeting some new playmates.

A little role play never goes amiss if you need a little spice in your sex life and I’m expert at so many roles: teacher, nurse, sexy secretary, dominating boss ………..