Kendra Jamisson, Your Experienced Older Woman.


sydescort18sunburstGentlemen use the services of an escort for various reasons. Kendra understands and appreciates the range of input her clients may be seeking from her.

From simply wanting a bit of fun with a skilled and experienced lover, to needing a sounding board for family problems, or to supplement the wife’s diminishing interest in sex as it occurs over the years – Kendra understands the important part a skilled mature escort can play in a man’s life.

… and gentlemen, doesn’t everything go better with sex?

The enormous value to a man is in being able to get on with his life, renewed, refreshed, recharged and revitalised. Doesn’t business feel so much better when sexual life is in order and thoughts can be directed firmly to the task in hand?

Couples may also like the extra spice of a third party, who has a broad mind and a wide experience, joining in their fun. Great for that special occasion, anniversary or birthday treat! Kendra loves enjoying delicious fun with couples.

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If you’re a man who is feeling particularly jaded with life, or wants a 200% fun experience, try a lesbian double with me and my girlfriend. It’s twice the mindblowing fun!

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She is an ex-bikini model, with the body of a 25 year old and the knowledge of her 45 years. She loves to tease and please a man, and delights in bringing him to true pleasure.

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