Kendra Jamisson, Your Experienced Older Woman.

Photos of the Month

A Touch of Glamour

Sometimes it’s good to escape from humdrum life with a touch of glamour. Kendra thinks it’s a very good idea!

Champagne and Corsets


Cleanin’ Windows

Sometimes ya just got to give the voyeurs an eyeful when you’re cleanin’ windows …


Cheeky Upskirts

What is it about the upskirt that’s so alluring? ¬†A flash of the hidden, seeing what should not be seen? ¬†Whatever it is, upskirts are a perennial favourite of most men, so I thought I’d tease you with a few of my own …

Private Moments

Feeling Naughty After Easter

Just had a wonderful break over Easter and feeling super naughty now ….

Almost Pussy

In My Boudoir

Happy New Year!