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Who Loves Ass Pics

Posted on: April 22nd, 2024 by kendra No Comments

Who Loves Ass Shots?  Most men I think.  There’s something so erotic about a nice, rounded ass.

It’s quite a turn-on.

So here’s a few of my recent ass pics.  For some it’s a shame I don’t do anal.  Ah well, to you I say, it’s not a perfect world is it?

However, doggy-style is one of my fave positions.  So you can enjoy the view from behind.

Love to see you soon.  Enjoy your day.


A satisfied man is a productive man

Posted on: April 10th, 2024 by kendra No Comments

Ah  yes, I’m feeling all philosophical today BUT it is a fact that a sexually satisfied man works better.  He’s happier and more productive.

So, in the interests of the nation you should come see me.

And …. it will be my pleasure to see you cum 😏😉

🔥🔥Hot Fantasy🔥

Posted on: February 25th, 2024 by kendra No Comments

Your new and HOT, sexy neighbour leans over the fence and asks if you’ll come check her shower because the water pressure is all wrong.

Damn, you’ve wanted to bang her ever since you saw her in front of her moving in-truck.  You sprint over to hers trying not to look too eager.

“It’s probably best you take a shower” she says sweetly, “because then you can test it”.

“Is she seducing me?” you think as you hastily undress and jump in the shower.  Seconds after, your super sexy neighbour appears at the door of the bathroom.

“You know” she says in a sultry voice, “perhaps I should get in there too, so I can show you what I mean”.

You turn your body slightly away to obscure the huge erection which has spontaneously happened ……

Don’t you just love role plays?!  Life is so mean to us in providing the real events, we just have to get creative ourselves!!!


Kinky Boots

Posted on: February 13th, 2024 by kendra No Comments

So many guys LOVE ❤️ 🧡 💓 boots. The preferred type seems to mainly be knee high or thigh high – the longer the better!

Is it the leather?  I’ve often wondered what exactly the appeal is.  Leather is always a winner.  They also look naughty and as if the wearer might engage in some kinky things …

Whatever it is, boots are a perennial item for the escort wardrobe.

And my feelings on them?  I love ’em! 😏😉

Males Seek Variety in Sex

Posted on: February 11th, 2024 by kendra No Comments

You’re sitting in a railway carriage minding your own business.  It’s  late at night and you’re the only person in the whole carriage.

At the next stop an attractive woman enters and brazenly sits opposite you.  She’s 40-ish with long blonde hair, a rocking body and a seductive smile.  She settles herself then opens her legs revealing a lack of panties.  She continues to adjust herself and as her miniskirt rides up higher you can clearly see her moist, shaven pussy.  She’s looking straight at you obviously aware of what she’s doing.

You play with your wedding ring, trying not to be swept up in the moment …

What do you do next?

The sexual variety hunter is in all men, waiting to claim the next unique, heart pumping sexual experience. But will a dalliance with this tantalising woman blow up your phone and ruin your happy homelife?

Better to play out the need for variety somewhere safe, with an escort who respects your happy home.  Come see me when you need to stray …  Kendra doesn’t tell 😉🫢

Naughty Auntie

Posted on: February 10th, 2024 by kendra No Comments

Do you have childhood memories of a favourite aunt which have a sexual component?

Maybe you remember her as fun and nurturing but also attractive and strangely alluring to the younger you.

Perhaps you remember the pint-size you standing in front of auntie getting a fond embrace which nuzzled you headfirst into auntie’s groin.  Ah, the warmth of that feeling and that compelling aroma, sparking unknown erotic desires in the childish you.

With sexual maturity those fond memories turned into fantasies – perhaps even a favourite fantasy that you and auntie might one day share a forbidden but passionate tryst which would forever remain your secret …

You can enjoy a “forbidden” roleplay with Kendra as your Auntie ……..

It can be such naughty and explosively satisfying fun!

Naughty Neighbour Role Play

Posted on: February 1st, 2024 by kendra No Comments

Do you know it’s good for you to role play some sexual fantasies that would otherwise remain unchecked and even cause an irritation?

The particular role play that floats your boat can vary wildly from one man to another BUT there are certain ones which are quite common and many men enjoy playing them out.

One such role play is the naughty neighbour.

It’s quite normal for a guy to fantasise about a sexy neighbour who moves in and may wear a sexy sun dress or short shorts in her front garden in plain view of the man next door. This is one scenario I particularly enjoy too.

Maybe it’s time you role played your favourite fantasy with Kendra 😏💋🍆💦💦