Kendra Jamisson, Your Experienced Older Woman.

🎉🎉I’M BACK!!!!🎊🎊🔥🧋

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🥂🍷Hey to all!  I’M BACK!!!🍹

So nice to be back and I’m feeling so refreshed.  Can’t wait to see my regulars and to meet new friends!

So if you’re wanting some relaxation and fun, do yourself a favour and don’t delay. Come see me …

If you’re an executive come before that all important Board meeting – it will clear your head and you’ll be sharper for business.  If you’re a tradie you’ll be ready for your working day and not thinking of your 🍆😉. In fact any occupation works better when the men in it are feeling sexually relaxed.

In fact, come to think of it, I provide a wonderful service to society.

And I’m back and ready to go!  See ya soon!

🏖️Having TOO much fun on holiday!!✈️⛱️

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Well,  thought I’d be back by now but GUESS WHAT?!  I’m having too much fun doing nothing.

Can you blame ME?!!😃😆

The plan is to return on 12 November but that’s if I can drag myself away from having a fabulous and tremendous holiday.  I guess it will be when the money runs out anyway …  💲💲💲

Missing y’all 💋💋


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I’m on holiday till 6 November.  Poor me, all that sun and sand!

So don’t bother phoning till then because I’m not here 🤔. I’ll be lovely and refreshed

when I get home, so that’s the time to come see me!!!!

Red is Soooo HOT🔥🔥

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Red is a great colour for getting attention and satin is just the best fabric for getting touched.  It’s so smooth and silky over all my contours ….

Role Play Fun

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Want to play a cheeky meeting with your hot new neighbour who’s just getting ready to go out to a party when you knock on her door wanting to bring a letter that was wrongly delivered to you …

With that bulge in your pants she starts to feel hot 🔥🔥🔥 and makes a move on you.

Up to the challenge?  I have the ideal dress ……. 😏😉

☀️☀️Summer Makes Me 🔥🔥🔥

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Bring your A game cos summer makes me sizzle 🔥🔥

Sunning on the balcony with the wonderful warmth on my naked pussy makes me super horny.

So get that gym work in, clean your teeth and get ready for some traction action.

Kendra is in the room!

In Praise of Older Men

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I do like a man with experience.  Nature gives young men strength and stamina but older men have savoir faire and understanding.  So nature is even handed in that way.  It’s always nice to spend an hour or two with an older man, sipping wine, chatting and being naughty when the mood takes …