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Naughty Auntie

Posted on: February 10th, 2024 by kendra No Comments

Do you have childhood memories of a favourite aunt which have a sexual component?

Maybe you remember her as fun and nurturing but also attractive and strangely alluring to the younger you.

Perhaps you remember the pint-size you standing in front of auntie getting a fond embrace which nuzzled you headfirst into auntie’s groin.  Ah, the warmth of that feeling and that compelling aroma, sparking unknown erotic desires in the childish you.

With sexual maturity those fond memories turned into fantasies – perhaps even a favourite fantasy that you and auntie might one day share a forbidden but passionate tryst which would forever remain your secret …

You can enjoy a “forbidden” roleplay with Kendra as your Auntie ……..

It can be such naughty and explosively satisfying fun!

Naughty Neighbour Role Play

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Do you know it’s good for you to role play some sexual fantasies that would otherwise remain unchecked and even cause an irritation?

The particular role play that floats your boat can vary wildly from one man to another BUT there are certain ones which are quite common and many men enjoy playing them out.

One such role play is the naughty neighbour.

It’s quite normal for a guy to fantasise about a sexy neighbour who moves in and may wear a sexy sun dress or short shorts in her front garden in plain view of the man next door. This is one scenario I particularly enjoy too.

Maybe it’s time you role played your favourite fantasy with Kendra 😏💋🍆💦💦


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How good is it to be able to exercise on the balcony?

You wake up, have a coffee, step on to the balcony overlooking gorgeous Sydney harbour, where your rower awaits you.  The cool breezes waft over your body.  The music channel plays with your favourite music plus spectacular drone pics of exotic island locations.  Truly, can life get better than this?  I personally don’t think so.

If you’re a man, good sex with a stranger is on a par with this experience.

Why not walk on the wild side, just for the fun of it, with Kendra?

Lazy Summer Sex

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Don’t you just love those lazy summer days at the beach? ⛱️🏖️  Lovely ladies in skimpy bikinis, the sizzle of possibilities as they brush by you, perhaps you catch a cheeky smile.

But as the day wears on you see the smile is for someone else and the brush-by was accidental – too bad that by now you have a bump in your shorts and your imagination is demanding some real life fun.

Fear not, Kendra is here.  I’ll greet you at the door in my sexy bikini and you can fulfil all the fantasies of that long summer day before you go home.

I do love a story with a happy ending! 😏😉🎉

🎉🎉I’M BACK!!!!🎊🎊🔥🧋

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🥂🍷Hey to all!  I’M BACK!!!🍹

So nice to be back and I’m feeling so refreshed.  Can’t wait to see my regulars and to meet new friends!

So if you’re wanting some relaxation and fun, do yourself a favour and don’t delay. Come see me …

If you’re an executive come before that all important Board meeting – it will clear your head and you’ll be sharper for business.  If you’re a tradie you’ll be ready for your working day and not thinking of your 🍆😉. In fact any occupation works better when the men in it are feeling sexually relaxed.

In fact, come to think of it, I provide a wonderful service to society.

And I’m back and ready to go!  See ya soon!

🏖️Having TOO much fun on holiday!!✈️⛱️

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Well,  thought I’d be back by now but GUESS WHAT?!  I’m having too much fun doing nothing.

Can you blame ME?!!😃😆

The plan is to return on 12 November but that’s if I can drag myself away from having a fabulous and tremendous holiday.  I guess it will be when the money runs out anyway …  💲💲💲

Missing y’all 💋💋


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I’m on holiday till 6 November.  Poor me, all that sun and sand!

So don’t bother phoning till then because I’m not here 🤔. I’ll be lovely and refreshed

when I get home, so that’s the time to come see me!!!!