Kendra Jamisson, Your Experienced Older Woman.


Sexy Sophistication

This series of pics is for all guys who are turned on most by sexy sophistication.

The shimmer and feel of silk, jewellery and high heels on a sexy woman who knows how to flaunt herself.

I love this blue silky dress and always enjoy the looks I get when wearing it!

Naughty Shorts

Seeing Double?

Shorts season is returning and here’s me enjoying wearing mine again.

The view in the mirror is a bonus ….


Yes I do Dinner Dates Too

For guys who’d like to take a sexy lady to dinner and know they’re on a “sure thing” when we get back home, here’s the Dinner Date!

You can have four hours of my company for $1100 plus Uber to our meeting place.  Either we can go back to your hotel room after OR back to my stylish, comfortable and clean apartment in Southbank.

Just a little tip – I like to eat out in a nice place, rather than a counter meal at the local RSL club.

Here’s a few pics to show my public side:

Sexy Panties

I love new sexy panties and some men do too.  Kind of a panty fetish – maybe leaving them on during sex and just pushing them to the side to gain entry.

Whatever floats your boat!

Here’s one of my newest pairs which I think are ultra sexy.

What You Can’t See …

Sometimes what you can’t see is more erotic.

The brain is the biggest sex organ.

But of course, that will only hold out for so long …  When what you can’t see is not enough, I’d love to see you!

Role Play can be Fun

Role play can be a lot of fun.  Maybe some character – like the Wonder Woman pics below, or pretending to be someone in your past life you had a ‘thing’ for.

Maybe it was a nurse, or a teacher, or a naughty auntie.

I’m happy to role play with you – just give me a few hints on arrival and off we go.

The Many Faces … and Body Poses

Here’s a frisky collage of some of my moods.

It’s fun to play with sex ….