Kendra Jamisson, Your Experienced Older Woman.

🔥🔥Hot Fantasy🔥

Your new and HOT, sexy neighbour leans over the fence and asks if you’ll come check her shower because the water pressure is all wrong.

Damn, you’ve wanted to bang her ever since you saw her in front of her moving in-truck.  You sprint over to hers trying not to look too eager.

“It’s probably best you take a shower” she says sweetly, “because then you can test it”.

“Is she seducing me?” you think as you hastily undress and jump in the shower.  Seconds after, your super sexy neighbour appears at the door of the bathroom.

“You know” she says in a sultry voice, “perhaps I should get in there too, so I can show you what I mean”.

You turn your body slightly away to obscure the huge erection which has spontaneously happened ……

Don’t you just love role plays?!  Life is so mean to us in providing the real events, we just have to get creative ourselves!!!