Kendra Jamisson, Your Experienced Older Woman.

Flirty Cougar


John sat in the bar of a local hotel chatting with the boys who drank there regularly about sport, cars and women, mostly women. The main topic of conversation was a thirty-something local girl who often popped in for a quick drink  after the gym, still wearing her gym clothes.  The old boys had their eyes on stalks as she drifted past their tables, all curvy and shapely in her tight gym gear.

But today she did not come.  Today someone new appeared from nowhere and she owned the bar as soon as she turned up.  Dressed in boots, tight black pants, black leather jacket and red scarf, this 40-something beauty commanded all male attention as she strode in, did one full circuit of the main bar, eyeing each of the patrons as she languidly passed by, then parked herself confidently opposite John and removed her scarf.  As she did so the cleavage between her large breasts was visible as the leather jacket opened to release the scarf.

Her black stretch top was so low that her nipples fair nearly fell out as she removed the leather jacket and put it on the stool next to her.

She looked John full in the face and asked cheekily, “Fancy buying me a drink handsome?”

John’s cock rose involuntarily and he was glad that the table covered it, as his eyes rested on those two enormous breasts and the sweet face above them which seemed so full of promise.

Every other man in the bar tried to feast his eyes on those bulging breasts, on that slim frame, those curvy hips and delicious bottom …. without being caught.  But her eyes were only on John, her chosen target.  While John got her drink her eyes roved around the bar, resting on this one and that without haste or any obvious interest.

John sat right next to her when he returned, and as she thanked him for the drink, her hand rested between his legs, just near his groin as she leaned over to place a gentle peck on his cheek.  “Let’s go” she whispered, “time is wasting.”

Throwing back their drinks, and with every eye in the bar now on them John and Kendra made a hasty departure for a night of passion.  John was the talk of the bar for months to come .. little did they know he had organised the event with her beforehand to play out a fantasy he’d always longed to experience … and they never would!