Kendra Jamisson, Your Experienced Older Woman.

Happy Christmas to all the Naughty Boys

Kendra wishes a Happy Christmas to all the naughty boys and hopes Santa brings you all JUST what you WANT.  No surprises about what that is!  One cheeky boy bought his gift-wrapped to me in a red bow … what a nice touch!

Yes, what a surprise it was, he emerged from the shower with his towel around his waist.  We engaged in a little amorous foreplay until I was naked in high heels before him and then …. the unmasking ….  Personally I always love this part.  I could feel he was rock hard under that towel and my eager hands fumbled to get it off so his straining cock could be released.  As the towel fell to the floor and his member sprang into action I saw it – a bright red silk ribbon tied round his cheeky cock.

“How very festive” I thought and gave him an extra special BJ for his trouble!  In fact, I was so taken by his lovely Christmas surprise, that I did him 3 times in the hour.  Just shows you gents – thoughtfulness pays!