Kendra Jamisson, Your Experienced Older Woman.

Males Seek Variety in Sex

You’re sitting in a railway carriage minding your own business.  It’s  late at night and you’re the only person in the whole carriage.

At the next stop an attractive woman enters and brazenly sits opposite you.  She’s 40-ish with long blonde hair, a rocking body and a seductive smile.  She settles herself then opens her legs revealing a lack of panties.  She continues to adjust herself and as her miniskirt rides up higher you can clearly see her moist, shaven pussy.  She’s looking straight at you obviously aware of what she’s doing.

You play with your wedding ring, trying not to be swept up in the moment …

What do you do next?

The sexual variety hunter is in all men, waiting to claim the next unique, heart pumping sexual experience. But will a dalliance with this tantalising woman blow up your phone and ruin your happy homelife?

Better to play out the need for variety somewhere safe, with an escort who respects your happy home.  Come see me when you need to stray …  Kendra doesn’t tell 😉🫢