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A Chance Encounter – A Dream Realised

I am sitting on a train, going to the City, wearing my jeans and a hot, hot t-shirt, checking my messages and lost in my own world WHEN a new message appears on my phone which says,

“Are you sitting opposite me?”

Confused, I look around and the chap opposite me gives me a cheeky wink 😉

It slowly dawns on me that this is someone who has viewed my naked pics, but like two co-conspirators we say nothing but know everything …

It’s my stop and I pass him as I leave the train.  The illicit nature of the encounter brings the cheekiest of smiles to my face. He returns a knowing look.

Another sms appears as I walk down the street, “Lovely smile :-)” it says.

“Hahaha sprung” I text back “See you at 11?” (my next available appointment).

“I wish” he texts back “Interstate flight awaits xx .. Long term admirer”

“How lovely” I return, “Enjoy your flight!”

“Thank you for making my heart beat a little faster” he replies.

Now I wonder how many other long term admirers are maybe out there, too shy to come see me.  I do hope you don’t wait too long boys!  Isn’t it time you realized your dream?

Compliments of the season to all you lovely, cheeky, horny boys.  xxxx