Kendra Jamisson, Your Experienced Older Woman.

The Super Hot Secretary

General Manager Bill had always had the hots for Sarah, his super sexy secretary.  The way she dressed with her shirt buttons opened to expose the curve of her breast, almost wide enough to show that crimson nipple which he had imagined over and over again in many solitary nights of dreaming about having her.  Months passed and Bill’s longing grew, along with something else, every time he saw her bending over at the photocopier in that short, short skirt.

With a wife who was currently off sex and caring for their young children, Bill’s frustration grew, till one day he and Sarah had to work back late to meet a deadline.  It was 10 pm before they were done.

“Let’s have one drink before we go home” said Sarah “there’s a coupla beers in the fridge”.

Bill was only too happy to join her.  He’d never had the opportunity to talk socially with her before. Sarah was surprisingly open talking about a recent breakup with her long-time boyfriend and how it had left her out on a limb as she looked for a replacement.  Next thing she was saying she was having casual sex while she looked for her new mate.

Now her hand was on Bill’s bulge.  He didn’t protest.  She undid that blouse and let her ample breasts free from that tight shirt.  Now he was sure she didn’t wear a bra.  Her breasts were something to behold, with large crimson nipples.  She held one to his mouth.  Bill didn’t think a thing; he just obediently took her wonderful nipple in his mouth and sucked it rapturously.

Now she was opening his fly.  His eager member popped straight out, hard and ready for action.

“Let’s  not waste time”, said Sarah, “I’ve got things to do later”.

She bent over the photocopier to reveal no panties under that short, short skirt.  Bill’s cock rose to it’s hardest.

“I knew it” he thought, “no panties all the while we’re working – delicious, naughty girl”.

Now she was on the table, beckoning Bill to help them both release some tension. She took minutes to come.  She must have been as horny as him.  In seconds he had blown his load.

To his surprise she stood up immediately, straightened her clothes and winked at him.

“This never happened” she said.  “If you ever try it on with me, I’ll report you.  But if I want it again, I’ll let you know.  See you tomorrow”.

Then she was gone. Bill would remember this for ever.  it was far and away the most erotic 30 minutes in his life so far.