Kendra Jamisson, Your Experienced Older Woman.

The Way to Travel ..

Kurt was on a boring train trip to his next business engagement.  He was in a first class carriage and was alone on a four hour journey to his destination.  Restless, he watched the scenery roll by as he avoided thinking about his next dull meeting.

A whiff of an exotic perfume aroused his senses and he caught sight of a statuesque beauty entering his carriage.  Her tight jade silk dress was slit up the front, almost to her treasure.  She walked with a confident air which told Kurt that this was no ordinary woman.  At once he was under her spell.

Languidly she approached him and asked if the seat beside him was reserved for anyone in particular.

“No” replied Kurt, putting his Financial Times strategically over his package which had instantly risen in response to this beauty’s bravado.

“Train travel is tedious, isn’t it?” remarked the beauty.

“Why yes it is” Kurt stuttered.

“We could make it more interesting” replied the beauty.

“Indeed? How’s that?”  The words tumbled from Kurt’s open mouth.

“Well to begin with, you should give me some pussy licking action” said the beauty.  She opened her dress to reveal a beautiful small oyster, glistening with desire.

Kurt made no objection, but on his knees, pleasured this wonderful woman, who groaned in ecstasy as he worked his magic on her soft folds which gushed love juice.

When she was done she queried – “Now, how would you like me?”

Kurt stood her up and motioned she bend over as he entered her from behind.  The scenery passed clackety clack on by as Kurt’s swollen member entered that perfect place, wet and warm and inviting.  He wanted to make this last.  He withdrew for a moment, to extend the pleasure.  The beauty enjoyed the game.  She bent down to provide some blissful oral, enjoying the taste of their juices mixing together.

At last he could wait no longer.  He entered her once more and shot his load  in an ecstatic burst which resounded through his whole being and left him renewed.

She gathered her composure, straightened her clothes and was gone.

The next moment the ticket conductor was at the door ……