Kendra Jamisson, Your Experienced Older Woman.

Costumes and Role Play

Posted on: March 30th, 2020 by kendra No Comments

Here’s my two army costumes and I have a big gun to go with them!

Do you have a big gun for me? 🤭

Blue Silk Angel

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What can be nicer than a floaty blue silk dress, so low cut that you’re sure a nipple will pop out soon.

A dress that opens when she sits down, almost showing her pussy – you’re sure it will if you just keep watching.

And for all that she looks like an angel you could take to the theatre, the opera or for high tea.

Isn’t that just what guys want?!


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Self-isolating but still want a fun sexual experience?  Maybe it’s just that you don’t have time for a personal visit but want the titillation and satisfaction that only a professional escort can give.  I offer video-call phone sex and it’s almost as good as one-on-one sex.

How does it work?   I have film experience so I can set the camera and lighting so it’s a great visual experience for you.  I dress sexy, talk dirty, obey commands, use sex toys and of course, behave provocatively.  Sure to get you off in 15 minutes!

The charge is $100 for 15 minutes paid in advance to Kendra’s phone ID.

How to organize a video-phone sex call:

  1. Ensure your phone receives facetime calls.
  2. SMS Kendra on 0449 130 899 and organize a time.
  3. Pay $100 to Pay ID 0449130899.This clears immediately.
  4. Kendra will facetime call you at the agreed time.
  5. Have fun and get off!Hang up anytime once you’re done.

Tantalising Teddy

Posted on: March 10th, 2020 by kendra No Comments

Kendra has found one of her favourite teddies and couldn’t wait to put it on to show you.

She couldn’t wait to take it off to show you either!!

Hope you enjoy …

What’s Under the Fur Coat?

Posted on: February 25th, 2020 by kendra No Comments

It’s always a tease to wonder what’s under a fur coat, so it’s nice to use it in the bedroom to raise the temperature.

Fur has such a tactile appeal and looks so glamorous so it’s a great start.

If you team it with lingerie and stockings, you immediately appeal to 90% of the male population!  So why wouldn’t you want to wear it ladies?

Which Shorts are Best?

Posted on: January 24th, 2020 by kendra No Comments

Summer is shorts time.  Which shorts are best, the demure kind or short shorts?  Honestly, I think I prefer the short shorts!

It’s Fun to Relax

Posted on: January 24th, 2020 by kendra No Comments

Sometimes it’s just fun to relax before getting down to the serious business.

A little bit of oil massaging raises the tempo to just the right level.

Yes I love it if you do it to me too!  It certainly gets me in the mood and gets all the right juices flowing …. 😆😏